One of the most colorful corners of Detroit – if you peek in their warehouse, or notice splashes of color of items left outside in the open air – is the corner of Canton and East Lafayette on the near east side.

That’s where you’re going to find Caribbean Mardi Gras Productions. Headed by Ralph Taylor, an immigrant from Trinidad, he’s been a part of this Detroit neighborhood since 1973.

They make Trinidadian carnival-style costumes for events around the world, right here in the D.

In a 2015 feature, Taylor told Model D:

“I’ve been around for a while and people look forward to seeing my work annually through the Caribbean parade. You have thousands of people lining across the street to see my work. My work has shown in Toronto, New York, Trinidad, Chicago, Detroit and even Japan.”

So this Islandview Pop Art Parade promises to be a neat visual treat on Sunday afternoon. The parade, according to the event page, starts at 2 p.m. So if you have some free time, take a look-see. Ralph does amazing work.

The address is 6911 E. Lafayette in Detroit.

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