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QUICK TIP: Don't Miss The Colorful Islandview Pop-Up Parade This Sunday (9/18)

One of the most colorful corners of Detroit – if you peek in their warehouse, or notice splashes of color of items left outside in the open air – is the corner of Canton and East Lafayette on the near east side. That’s where you’re going to find Caribbean Mardi Gras Productions. Headed by Ralph Taylor, an immigrant from Trinidad, he’s been a part of this Detroit neighborhood since 1973. They make Trinidadian carnival-style costumes for events around the world, right here in the D. In a 201...

Your City 5: Things To Do The Weekend Of February 5-7, 2015

For some reason, the unseasonably warm temperatures on Wednesday have me feeling a little extra frisky for the weekend, so let’s all follow that impulse toward party heaven this weekend. We’ve got a great mix of event lined up for this weekend, so without further ado, here’s your City 5 for December 5-7. Duel in the D—Friday, 7:30p—Detroit Most of us are big on celebrating the Michigan – Michigan football and basketball rivalry, but some might forget that the bad blood continues on the...

QUICK TIP: Celebrate Mardi Gras With A Masquerade On Saturday Night At The Scarab Club

If you’re bummed you’re not on a plane to New Orleans right now for Mardi Gras, we found something for you – it’s an event that has the Mardi Gras spirit but is definitely one of Detroit’s own. Imagine the fun of a Mardi Gras masquerade ball, matched with one of Detroit’s most storied venues, along with a great value for a ticket. First, let’s talk the venue. The historic Scarab Club has been one of the centers of the Detroit art world way before pour-overs became a thing. This is a way to l...

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