A new disclosure, reported first by the Center for Public Integrity, sheds light on a large Detroit-based company and their contribution to President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

According to the report based posted earlier today, Quicken Loans donated $750,000 to the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee this January. The full disclosure document can be found here.

Per the CPI:

The donations earned contributors exclusive access during inauguration weekend to Trump, his family, top administration officials and exclusive events conducted on January 20 and January 21 in Washington, D.C.

$106.7 million was contributed by individuals and corporations for the inauguration festivities, but it’s of note that they were on the list and among the top donors.

The document reads as a who’s who of moneyed interests from National Football League owners to defense contractors to businessmen, some with issues before or business with the Federal government.

Additional Detroit area large donors included:

  • Ford Motor Company – $250,000
  • John Rakolta, Walbridge – $250,000
  • David Fischer, Suburban Collection – $250,000
  • General Motors – $200,000 plus $298,650 in kind vehicle expense
  • The International Bridge Company (owns the Ambassador Bridge) – $50,000

Daily Detroit was able to reach a Quicken Loans spokesperson for follow-up and received the following:

“We are proud that we had the opportunity to support the Presidential Inauguration committee, the organization behind a uniquely American event that allows for the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next.

In the process, and equally important to us, was the opportunity to support several charitable organizations including local groups who traveled from our home state of Michigan, to participate in this great American tradition.”

Full report here.

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