UPDATE: The location of this event has changed to Old Shillelagh in Greektown. 349 Monroe Street in Detroit. 

Independent media is something of a growing scene in Detroit. One of the shows that’s made it to the year mark is Shot of History, a podcast that has a comedic take on the history of the world.

As opposed to a dry recitation of facts and figures, Shot of History over the last 49 episodes has made topics almost seem as if they’re in the present with a variety of guests and tie-ins with today’s stories.

It’s hosted by Devin Foether, Trico Lutkins and Stefani Manard.

“People should be ready to expect just enough history to give the listener the background on the person, place, or thing that is the topic that particular episode. It is our goal to not only give the facts as we can find them, but make the listener interested enough to research the topic on their own,” said Foether. “We also hope that our drunken tangents, pop culture references, and our personal experiences make learning fun for the listener and, occasionally, us.”

What’s their favorite episode?

“Andrew Jackson. It pretty much writes itself or when we acted out a play based on Gyges,” said Lutkins.

Gyges, in case you didn’t know (I didn’t) is a Plato reference. To say they embrace their history geek factor is an understatement.

So on to the event. There will be literally shots at the bar this Saturday at Nancy Whiskey’s Detroit running for 4-7 p.m. Central to the event, they will be having a live podcast. Here’s the Facebook event link and here is the link if you want to check them out on iTunes.

P.S. – There’s a good chance a couple folks from our site, Daily Detroit, will stop through to add a little Detroit history flavor to the show.

Nancy Whiskey’s is at 2644 Harrison in Detroit.

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