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Weekend Ketchup: 4 Food News Stories From The Weekend

Over the weekend there were a few interesting developments in food and food-related news in Metro Detroit. Save Your Quarters: Pop+Offworld, the bar/pizza joint/arcade, opened up on Friday above Checker Bar at 128 Cadillac Square (website). They have more than 30 vintage arcade games, ‘za, and, well, a bar. It’s neat that it actually opened, and there are two more bar arcade projects in the oven. A post shared by Elija (Blu) (@elijablu_e4) on Sep 10, 2017 at 6:16pm PDT Speaking...

“Shot Of History” To Celebrate One Year With A Historic Event At Nancy Whiskey’s This Saturday

UPDATE: The location of this event has changed to Old Shillelagh in Greektown. 349 Monroe Street in Detroit.  Independent media is something of a growing scene in Detroit. One of the shows that’s made it to the year mark is Shot of History, a podcast that has a comedic take on the history of the world. As opposed to a dry recitation of facts and figures, Shot of History over the last 49 episodes has made topics almost seem as if they’re in the present with a variety of guests and tie-ins wit...

5 Manly Detroit Hangouts

There are plenty of places to grab a beer and watch the game but which ones will put hair on your chest? Which ones can you go to and belch your favorite movie’s one-liner? Where can you go and smell the scent of freshly cut trees and find lumberjacks at the bar chewing on bark and drinking from hollowed out tree trunks? Here’s a list of manly hangouts in Detroit. Go to any of these if you can take a joke, jab, or beer and a shot of whiskey. 1. Cadieux Cafe This place is always packe...

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