The second this video started playing we thought, “this should be set to ‘Cowboy’ by Kid Rock.

This intrepid naked snow cowboy was on I-75 by Auburn Hills. He apparently suffered from Excited Delirium Syndrome, which can effect those with a history of using stimulants and apparently there were a lot more calls like this, police say, before bath salts and the like were banned.

But this isn’t the first naked guy this winter, either. There was one in Madison Heights by 12 Mile road a couple of days ago.

Winter Storm Linus seems to have created even more craziness. Below is some WXYZ video of a guy skiing being pulled by a truck on the streets of Warren.

Sometimes, you need to make the best of the situation. Snow angels, anyone?

This snow is insane. And she’s gonna tell you about it.

And now to close, we’ll give you the hardest weather report in the city from the storm. Shout out to Cliff, btw. Some NSFW language in it.

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