A blog post by bar historian Mickey Lyons, “Requiem for a (biker’s) Dream” outlining the unceremonious end of the storied Stonehouse Bar has an update, an update that will add cheer to the fans of Detroit dive bars.

The now updated post on Prohibition Detroit outlines not only that the Stonehouse Bar, one of Detroit’s oldest, is reopening July 8 after clearing up some licensing issues, but there is also going to be quite the party to celebrate the occasion and some new additions:

The grieving family let things get away from them a bit and the license was suspended. They’ve straightened everything out and are officially reopening on Friday, July 8th. There will be beers in the brand new coolers. There will be pizzas served from the brand new pizza ovens. The whole place has a new coat of paint and sparkling clean floors. And they’re working on booking the bands now, so it looks to be one hell of a party.

Cheers to that, Detroit. Here’s the rest of the Prohibition Detroit post by Lyons, a good read.

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