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Beach Bar Arrives At Campus Martius, Aims To Open First Week Of May

A sure sign of summer and good times in downtown Detroit is the arrival of the bar in Campus Martius. The Fountain Detroit, as it’s called, is housed in a 10 ton, 40 foot long shipping container that’s dropped off and installed in the award-winning park. It showed up earlier this week. Here are some photos of the load in. The restaurant sits right next to the “beach” at Campus Martius Park, which is a neat, sandy space in the park near the Soldiers and Sailors monument. An of...

Detroit Beach Life: New Shipping Container Restaurant Opens May 27 In Campus Martius

The 2.5 acre Campus Martius Park is about to level up when it comes to fun. Dropped off Wednesday night, and now under preparation for opening (we snapped some pictures today) is a new restaurant that’s a repurposed shipping container that will go next to the sandy “beach” in the middle of Campus Martius Park. The restaurant will be called The Fountain Detroit, and replaces The Beach Bar and Grill that operated last year. The menu includes tuna tacos, pierogi, charcuterie, salads, panini...

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