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Make Your Move To One Of These 5 Breakfast Spots For Movement Weekend

This weekend is the annual Movement Festival hosted at the Hart Plaza.  Although enjoying the action on stage is the essential point of the weekend, it is great to have a list of places to get your day started right with some of the best breakfast spots in Detroit that are nearby. In no particular order, I have arranged a list of some locations to consider while you are here in Detroit for the weekend.  The fifth option is a special highlight incorporating breakfast and a party to help bridge th...

FIRST LOOK: Addison Eatery On Woodward

We have three words for you. Red Velvet Waffles. That’s not the end-all be-all of the concept that Maurice Wiggins and partners have come up with at the Addison Eatery, but it is a strong start. Addison Eatery began their soft opening this weekend, serving breakfast and lunch to a variety of patrons who braved an under-construction Woodward Avenue to get there. Here are four reasons to think there’s real potential in this space, but let’s be clear that this isn’t a full review as it is...

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