This weekend is the annual Movement Festival hosted at the Hart Plaza.  Although enjoying the action on stage is the essential point of the weekend, it is great to have a list of places to get your day started right with some of the best breakfast spots in Detroit that are nearby. In no particular order, I have arranged a list of some locations to consider while you are here in Detroit for the weekend.  The fifth option is a special highlight incorporating breakfast and a party to help bridge the gap between taking a break and continuing the festival madness!

Rose’s Fine Food


10551 East Jefferson Avenue | (313) 309-7947 – About a mile more past the bridge to Belle Isle, this intimate and vintage style restaurant truly serves up the best variety of breakfast and lunch items in the Detroit area. You will truly have a wonderful experience with your friends or family this weekend if you stop by here. The restaurant is known for quality and dedication to serving a beautifully oriented dish which can lead to a big share-fest with everyone at your table. I only warn you that the restaurant always has a line, and only gets longer the later you come to enjoy your meal. So be sure to call ahead and check on the wait time, as I know from personal experience it was definitely worth the hour wait. Click the link above for more information on hours, menu items, photos, and location.



1326 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48207 | (313) 259-0922 – Clique is also known to offer one of the best breakfast meals you will be able to find in Detroit. Clique does an excellent job making you feel at home, while keeping the menu simple and straight to the point. The food is unquestionably cooked with great care and to the customers liking.  Just take a look at any of the review sites and you’ll quickly see how much love this place receives from it’s customers. Although they serve a variety of lunch and dinner options, my favorite reason to have a meal at Clique is for breakfast. 

Detroit Institute of Bagels 


1236 Michigan Avenue | (313) 444-9342 – If you’re looking for a quick bagel sandwich, that will definitely fill you up and be delicious then this is your spot.  I can definitely imagine many folks in town for the festival and sight seeing will consider a fast, tasty, on-the-go option.  Detroit Institute of Bagels keeps a large menu good for both vegetarians and meat eaters.  

Brooklyn Street Local


1266 Michigan Ave | (313) 262-6547 – Brooklyn Street Local has an amazing indoor/outdoor seating arrangement that can be taken advantage of during this weekend if the weather permits.  The food is going to be as exquisite as the descriptions state. A personal favorite is the Swamp Water beverage to go along with my dish. I assure you it tastes like a refreshing splash of vitamins and minerals all working to revitalize your body for the day. They offer great vegan options on top of the vegetarian and meat, which will require strong will power to not order more then two dishes. Everything tastes great here, and if the weather is great, then this is the spot to sit outdoors and enjoy a meal.

Cornerstone/Whiskey Disco


2 John R St | (313) 473-9401 – The only place in Detroit where you will be able to get a breakfast that does justice and a party that will keep you rocking right into the afternoon is the Cornerstone and their beautifully redesigned underground club below called Whiskey Disco. Located just six blocks away from Hart Plaza, the Cornerstone/Whiskey Disco venue will be catering breakfast food all morning and is a great destination if you’re looking to head back to the festival at a later time of the day.  The event is only happening Monday morning.

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