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The Highlight Reel: 11 Important Dates In Detroit History

Detroit’s storied past is full of unique events that shaped the way it is today. From its founding in 1701 to its exit from bankruptcy, Detroit has seen much over its three centuries of existence. It’s been the capital of a territory and forged a new mode of transportation. Check out these and more highlights from Detroit’s past. 1) July 24, 1701 Antoine Laumet de la mothe Cadillac and his expedition established the settlement that would grow to become Detroit on July 24, 1701. Cadillac...

Here's How To Get A Free Ride This Week Thanks To Uber And Cadillac

The North American International Auto Show will have thousands upon thousands descend upon the D over the next few weeks, but it doesn’t come without benefits. Starting tomorrow on Monday and running through Friday the 16th of January, you’ll be able to grab a free 15 minute Uber ride. Fifteen minutes should be more than enough to get you anywhere downtown, or most of the way to a bordering suburb like Ferndale. All you have to do is open up your Uber app and hit the “Cadillac” option starting M...

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