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New "Creative Chambers" Program Aims To Attract And Keep Creatives In Michigan

In five communities across Michigan, including Detroit, the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office (MFDMO) announced they’ve started a new “Creative Chambers” program. A $400,000 grant allocated over three years from MFDMO will establish a formal partnership with the nonprofit Downtown Detroit Partnership for the Detroit branch called the “Creative Partnership for Detroit.” The stated goal is to foster opportunities for those working in the creative industries, including jobs in creative techn...

The Newest Hub For Detroit's Creatives Might Not Be Where You Think

Through my work in Detroit’s incredibly vibrant and complex entrepreneurial ecosystem I’ve come across some amazing people and places. These hotspots of creativity and ingenuity inhabit a variety of sectors, services and geographic locations. To any entrepreneur names like Bamboo, Techtown, MOCAD, Ponyride, and The Build Institute are exceedingly familiar. Depending on your idea or interest, you may have set foot in one, if not all, of these places and know the faces of their fearless leaders...

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