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Detroit, It's Time To Write The Next Chapter

On Friday, Judge Steven Rhodes announced he will confirm Detroit’s bankruptcy plan. It is the start of a new era for the Motor City. And it is a major milestone in accelerating the recovery underway in our largest city and our state. The bankruptcy relieves the city of more than $7 billion in debt. With the judge’s decision, the city can now also move forward and invest $1.4 billion over the next 10 years, continuing to improve and bolster services for its residents and building a solid financ...

"It Is Your City" - Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes' Conclusion Is A Letter To Detroiters

This week Detroit emerged from a historic bankruptcy in a time period shorter than many expected. It required a large amount of cooperation from everyone involved to get it through, and the Detroit Free Press has a long, inside look at the events that happened during the ordeal. At the end of the plan of adjustment, Judge Steven Rhodes wrote what amounts to a letter to Detroiters looking back at a turbulent time in the history of Detroit. We’ve included it below. “We have talked a lot in this...

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