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Plans For Riverfront Overhaul Should Give Detroiters Opportunity To Touch Our Water

Let’s first start out by saying the work the Detroit Riverfront is doing has been impressive. They’ve been part of making large change on a swath of land that in recent memory was completely unaccessible to the public and opening it back up for everyone’s use. Their good stewardship has been rewarded, as we reported earlier, with a funding campaign that has exceeded their goal. And they have a public input process about plans for the east riverfront from now until 2050, and other plans running...

QUICK TIP: Beach Bar And Grille At Campus Martius Opens Tomorrow (May 1)

Campus Martius Park has been lauded multiple times for its design and benefit to the community, but one of the more fun things that goes on there is the beach that’s in the heart of the city. The Beach Bar and Grille, according to a couple of sources (as well as a pretty obvious piece of signage in the middle of the park), will be opening tomorrow and unlike today’s rain, tomorrow should be perfect for a cocktail with some sand with the weather to be an expected 71 degrees and mostly sunny....

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