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Your City 5 Things To Do In Detroit For The Weekend of Feb. 13 -15

Valentine’s Day weekend is here and many Detroiters will be finding a way to impress their loved ones, and many others will be just out there trying to have a good time and keep sane while temperatures continue to plummet. It’s not like we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel weather-wise, but also not like we aren’t used to it at this point. Here’s a smattering of events for your City 5 this week that should have a little something to keep everybody happy. Kisses. Friday –  Academy Aw...

Love The Water? Here Comes The Boat Show Feb. 14th - 22nd

It’s cold outside, but being Michiganders, many of us dream of warm rays and fun on the lakes. Not to mention, Michigan’s rebounding economy bodes well for the marine industry. The Detroit Boat Show, happening February 14-22 in the Cobo Center, is set to be the largest one the city has seen in recent years. At 350,000 square feet, the 2015 show will be 50,000 square feet larger than in 2014 and 150,000 square feet larger than in 2012. The boat show is riding the wave of increased boat, motor,...

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