Patrick McNamara

Patrick McNamara

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A Coney Opens In Brooklyn

The Sussman Brothers, Eli and Max, have opened a coney in Brooklyn called Ed & Bev’s Detroit Style Coney Island. Couple thoughts hit me right away. Detroit is so dang hip, restaurants with Detroit style food are now seeding around the country.  I got wind of a place last...

Twists And Turns Emerge In The Tale Of The Tiger In The Packard Plant

It turns out there are two significantly different sides to this tiger tale. In an interesting post, Anthony Barchock, the fixer on the shoot and the person shown in the now nationally famous video, has another perspective that was published on [quote_box_center]”First and foremost the...

Pretending It’s All Good In Detroit

The racial divide in Detroit is a big topic of conversation lately. Whether it’s gentrification of downtown and midtown, access to water, diversity in the workplace, new vs. old Detroit, or incidents like the beating of Steven Utash, the conversation has cropped up in a lot of different ways...

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