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Detroit's education gap (and ideas to fix it) ft. Tinu Usoro, 482 Forward

Whether it’s public or charter schools, Detroit students are fighting an uphill battle. Between trasportation, transparency, and even dealing with extreme temperatures – anything involving the future of Detroit hinges on Detroit’s education system. Tinu Usoro from 482 Forward joins me at the table in Techtown to talk about not just the problems, but ideas to help fix these issues. The Detroit podcast rundown: 00:55 – What is 482 Forward? 02:38 – The impact of bad weather on educatio...

Inside A Detroit Charter School On The Chopping Block That Says It's Worth A Second Look

On paper, the Michigan Technical Academy looks exactly like the kind of school state officials are planning to shut down. The charter school in northwest Detroit has posted test scores in the bottom 1 percent in the state in recent years, and fewer than 5 percent of fourth-graders passed last year’s state math exam. The scores mean the school could be shuttered under a new law designed to rescue students in long-struggling schools from a culture of failure. The school will find out its fate...

New Lawsuit Says Snyder And State Officials Are Trampling On The Right Of Detroit Children To Learn To Read

A new lawsuit says Michigan is trampling the right of Detroit children to learn to read. The lawyers behind the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in federal court, say it is the first of its kind in the nation — and that its outcome could have national implications. “It’s a national scandal the number of children in major school districts who cannot read, write or have critical thinking abilities,” said attorney Mark Rosenbaum of Public Counsel, which is bringing the suit along with a team of law firms...

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