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Michigan State buys Fisher Building // Ferndale parking lot battle

Today’s Daily Detroit podcast is brought to you by the letter F. Robin Runyan from Urbanize Detroit and Norris Howard joins us. First, we talk the blockbuster purchase of the Fisher Building – what’s involved, what it means going forward and more. On Urbanize Detroit: Then we dive into a story where local Ferndale businesses are suing the city over a new proposed development that would...

Hamilton (the Musical) is More Interesting Than the Hamilton You Learned About in School

Every word on the street you’ve heard is right – this show is sensational. This musical was on par with Les Miserables and Rent. If History was taught like this in high school, there would be less sleeping and more celebrating. It mixes the facts of history with the musical beats of today. From the opening scene, your patriotism grows as does your lyrical interpretation. It’s difficult not to become enthralled in the journey that is the founding of our country. Although the stag...

15 Photos Of Detroit's Largest Art Object, The Fisher Building

Take a look at one of America’s most beautiful buildings. Today we wandered around the majestic Fisher Building. Built in 1928, it was (and in many ways still is) the epitome of Michigan craftsmanship. Built as the headquarters to the Fisher body company, inventors of the closed-top car, it contains one of Detroit’s best theatres, various stores, offices, and even radio stations (WJR-AM 760 and WDVD 96.3). Designed by noted architect Albert Kahn, the attention to detail is stunning. It is...

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