Take a look at one of America’s most beautiful buildings.

Today we wandered around the majestic Fisher Building. Built in 1928, it was (and in many ways still is) the epitome of Michigan craftsmanship. Built as the headquarters to the Fisher body company, inventors of the closed-top car, it contains one of Detroit’s best theatres, various stores, offices, and even radio stations (WJR-AM 760 and WDVD 96.3).

Fisher building Detroit front entrance

Designed by noted architect Albert Kahn, the attention to detail is stunning. It is in the New Center neighborhood, built there due to sky-high land rental rates in Downtown during the late 1920s.

Fisher Building Ceiling

 The ceiling reportedly took two months to paint.

Fisher Building ceiling Detroit

The art looks great whether you’re on the ground…

Fisher Building ceiling detail

Or right next to them three stories up.


 Detail of a railing looking down.


 A section of a beautiful 17 foot mosaic.


They don’t do this in architecture anymore! Details are even on interior hallways in the arcade.


Even the box office has beautiful, intricate work.

Mercury Messenger God Fisher Building Detroit

Although it’s worn, Mercury, the Roman messenger god, is in a giant seal in the floor. Appropriate as quite a few companies with offices in the building specialize in communications.


Charged up our gear at Stella Good Coffee. If you want a beautiful scene around you to enjoy your coffee in, the Fisher Building is a good choice.

Fisher Building Lobby

The tower was planned to be one of three towers, with the building extending all the way to Third Street. However, that plan fell apart due to The Great Depression. Today, check out the boutiques and shops.

Tunnel to Cadillac Place Fisher Building

Rumors have said that a subway station was to be built where these underground tunnels connect to Cadillac Place (formerly the GM World Headquarters and now State of Michigan offices) but as we all know, plans for a subway never came to fruition in Detroit.

Fisher Building Detroit

Don’t let this be your only look at the Fisher Building. Come on down! Seeing amazing sights in real life is always better in person than on the Internet. There’s way more to see and there are regular tours that’ll take you even deeper.

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