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Got An Idea For A Neighborhood Project? You Could Share In A $2 Million Grant From Kresge

$2 million. That’s the amount the Kresge Foundation wants to share with 15-20 Detroit community-based nonprofits with projects to transform neighborhoods. This is the third round of Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit, a $5 million pilot initiative launched in 2014. The program asked whether grants of up to $150,000 for projects designed by community-based organizations can make an impact across the city. Applications for projects taking place within the city of Detroit and led by Detroit-ba...

Ruin Porn? Maybe In Europe, But Not In The 313

As a Black person, and lifelong Detroit resident my understanding of the world is heavily influenced by race and process. This relates to the concept, term, and idea of ‘Ruin Porn.’ I first heard the term used in a discussion 4 years ago. I was sharing ideas about my soon to be released album ‘If Detroit were Heaven,’ and conceptually how I saw photography being coupled with the music to provide a better understanding of the album’s premise. As the art student from Center for Creative Studies...

An Inside Look At Parker Street Market's Expansion In West Village

As of late, many of Detroit’s developments have been “big” – a new Lawrence Tech building, the Whole Foods, multiple square blocks of Brush Park, and the new Red Wings arena. But the fun – and the signs of real life – are in the small. To that end, Parker Street Market, the hidden West Village corner store adored by Detroit foodies, has only been on the scene a little more than a year, but it is already expanding 700 sq. ft. by the end of the summer. This will at least triple 1the store’s...

Grandmont Rosedale Turns To Crowdfunding To Help Support Series Of Murals At Well-Loved Stoepel Park

One Detroit neighborhood group is taking to online fundraising to make a series of community-themed mosaics come to life. The Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation (GRDC) has launched a crowdfunding campaign raise funds needed for the installation of seven large mosaics onto the dugouts at Stoepel Park No. 1 in Northwest Detroit. The GRDC, a non-profit, has been a staple of this part of the city for 26 years. This project will beautify the park, attract new park users and increase the s...

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