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90% Of Customers Should Have Power Restored By "End Of Day Sunday" Estimates DTE Energy

At a press conference at DTE Energy Headquarters in downtown Detroit on Thursday, DTE Energy president Trevor Lauer shared details around the widespread power outage and the path toward restoration. According to Lauer, 90% of DTE Energy customers will be restored to service by end of the day on Sunday, March 12. Lauer said that restoration is “a moving target” and to “be patient” as this is the largest storm DTE Energy has dealt with in their history. 650 crews are coming from various states...

DTE Outage Map Shows Widespread Effects Of Wednesday's Winds

Although the fancy DTE outage map is down, there is an power outage map by zip code that the company is manually updating every half hour. We’ve turned that map from 9:45 a.m. – 5:15 p.m. into an animated gif to see the progress of repair work by zip code. To best understand the map, know that this is by zip code and not to the specific neighborhood and block level like the regular map that isn’t currently online. A detailed map is available if you download the DTE app for your smartphone on...

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