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15 Photos Of The Work To Restore Belle Isle's Lake Okonoka, Connect It To Detroit River

You might not have made it over to Belle Isle State Park since the fall season has started, but if you do, you’ll see that a ton of work is happening over by Lake Okonoka. A $5 million restoration project is well underway that will restore the long stagnant lake near the Belle Isle United States Coast Guard Station. When you actually get out there to see the work, it’s breathtaking to see a lake you’ve seen for years completely drained. If you’ve been on a canoe or kayak trip through...

The Other Detroit River Tunnel No One’s Told You About

How many Detroit River tunnels connect Detroit and Canada? If you said one, you’re wrong. In addition to the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, there’s the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel, the lesser-known of the two. However, the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel is the older tunnel, and it handles freight train traffic. Construction on the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel began in October 1906, and the tunnel opened for trains in July 1910, 20 years before the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel opened. Both tunne...

TIMELAPSE: Cutting Through Ice In The Detroit River On A Coast Guard Ship

Obviously it’s winter, but the action on the Great Lakes doesn’t come to a halt. Thanks to cooperation between the United States Coast Guard and the Canadian Coast Guard, the Detroit River and those connected waterways can remain passable. But it’s a wild ride to make that happen. This is a one minute video aboard the 140 foot long USCG Cutter Bristol Bay while they work with their Canadian counterparts to get a tug, Everlast, with the barge, Norman McLeod, down the river. In a combined effo...

Let's Kayak Around Belle Isle (With Photos)

Is “Detroit, Land Of The Great Outdoors” a slogan that rings true in your heart? If it doesn’t, it should. It’s more than possible to be active and enjoy being outside in the city. I have biked around the city, zipped down the Dequindre Cut on a Segway, and enjoyed a sunset cruise around the the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. I’ve taken walks around Belle Isle and been rollerblading (that’s right) on the Riverwalk. But I must admit, kayaking around Belle Isle was a new one for me. It was...

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