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Your Sunday Detroit Reading List for February 8, 2015

Hey, Daily Detroit readers. This week, Walking Man James Robertson got a car. It was a new Ford Taurus – but there’s a lot more to the discussion … not to mention other happenings in the D. If you have an article you think should be featured, send it in on our submission form, Twitter @TheDailyDetroit or on Facebook. Whatever works for you. We think this would be a deserved designation – “Baker’s Keyboard Lounge seeks official landmark status” – Detroit News “It may be the first nightclub th...

Your Sunday Detroit Reading List For The Week Of Oct. 12

Detroit is a work in progress. And, as a major city, it always will be. See, we get this idea that other cities are “done” or “figured it out,” and the reality is maybe they’ve figured it out more than we have, but they haven’t figured it all out. Chicago is dealing with a crime wave. New York in areas has immense rent problems (for instance, we interviewed someone yesterday from New York whose rent was raised from $800 a month to $4000 a month overnight. How about them apples?) and now has mo...

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