Detroit is a work in progress. And, as a major city, it always will be.

See, we get this idea that other cities are “done” or “figured it out,” and the reality is maybe they’ve figured it out more than we have, but they haven’t figured it all out. Chicago is dealing with a crime wave. New York in areas has immense rent problems (for instance, we interviewed someone yesterday from New York whose rent was raised from $800 a month to $4000 a month overnight. How about them apples?) and now has moved to Detroit.

There’s this wave.. this undercurrent.. that exists beyond the suburban snark and the city cynicism that I think people are having a hard time believing.

Many are starting to choose Detroit.

Whether it be city (usually) or denser suburbs (seen that too – big winner there usually is Ferndale/Woodward corridor). What is clear from talking to people is that this group is not out for perfect. It seems that this new Detroiter is out for the opportunity to shape something. To make their mark in a way their former city wouldn’t let them. It’s a modern-day expression of “The American Way.”

And whether you think it is for better or for worse, the course of Detroit’s history is being altered as you read this. But many have come and more are coming.

Well, enough opining.. here are your interesting links for the week.

Since 1930, Better Made has been making potato chips for Detroiters. As the Detroit diaspora has grown, so has the geographic desire for the crunchy snack. Fun fact? Detroiters consume an average of 7 pounds of chips a year and the rest of the country eats 4 pounds. [Los Angeles Times]

The Detroit Police Department is hiring. Check out the information here if you’re interested. [DPD Facebook]

Detroit’s on pace for the lowest homicide rate per 100,000 people (that’s how the statistic is commonly measured) since 1967. [Detroit News]

Atwater in the Park in the border suburb of Grosse Pointe Park made a list rounding up America’s best new beer halls. [Jetsetter]

The city has plenty of wheelchair ramps to nowhere, when other areas of the city that are populated could really use them. That said, due to the convoluted way Government funding works, there probably wasn’t much choice in how the money was spent. [Detroit News]

There was a gubernatorial debate over the weekend, check it out for yourself if you’re interested in that sort of thing. There will not be a senatorial debate, however. And that’s a shame. [PBS Newshour, WYXZ]

The cities of Roseville and Hazel Park are in different counties, but that isn’t stopping them from considering a joint Public Safety authority. If it doesn’t happen, it’s warned there will be massive cuts. A little bit of regionalism, anyone? [WDET]

Soccer is getting big in Detroit. So much so that there are plans afoot to move the Detroit City Football Club, the biggest in-city club, to a new field to handle crowds larger than 3,000. One of the places being considered is reviving a field in Hamtramck built during the Federal Works Progress Administration. [Model D]

The Downtown Detroit Partnership has a survey out to help shape the future of the area. Learn more about it here. [DetroitUnspun]

The National Resource Defense Council has a post up asking if it’s time to change the narrative of Detroit, saying it’s on the verge of major turnaround. [NRDC]

This piece looks at the rebranding of Detroit and Rust Belt. [Pop City]

Thanks so much for reading and see you next week!


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