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Get Ready To Eat And Drink Up Because Here Are Your 2017 Dine Drink Detroit Menus

Dine Drink Detroit, a ten day festival of $15 food & drink entrees, is back. It’s always been one of our favorite events for us because of the kind price point and the variety of places to try out. Another fun thing is there are some restaurant names almost everyone knows, and then some lesser known or newer places to give a spin. Here’s what you need to know. There aren’t reservations required, either. So at any of the 21 restaurants from October 16 – October 26, you’ll be able to sit d...

Here Are Your 2016 Dine Drink Detroit Menus

A great meal and a drink for $15. It’s a simple concept. But, what are you going to eat? Well, we have you covered. First on Daily Detroit, the Dine Drink Detroit menus have arrived! The meal deal includes at least one food item, a drink, and an experience at one of Detroit’s great places to eat. Dine Drink Detroit starts Tuesday, October 4 and goes until October 20. That is three weeks worth of dining deals – one more than last year. The menus are below, and here’s a handy-dandy checklist...

Here Are Your 2015 Dine Drink Detroit Menus

Dine Drink Detroit is quickly becoming one of Detroit’s most exciting events. There are 25 venues offering some of a pairing of your choice of a drink and their best dishes for $15 – and we all know Detroiters love a good value. The feast-ival has doubled in size this year and runs from October 1 through 10, and features restaurants, bars and cafes. It’s a great way to get a sample of Detroit’s food scene for not a lot of scratch (prices do not include tax and tip, though). No reservations nee...

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