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Reader Op-Ed: The Wayne County Jail Deal Just Isn't Good Enough

As Wayne County’s decision on the jail project approaches, I penned the following as a response to John Gallagher’s column earlier this month in support of the plan. We cannot say that Walsh Construction and Rock Ventures are two “competing proposals” for the same project. One is a construction firm responding to a request for proposals from a government-funded project whose bond financing is already in place. The other is a massive private company, the Wayne Enterprises of our real-life Gotha...

Gilbert Offers To Build New Jail Off I-75 Near Warren In Deal To Build Soccer Stadium Downtown

The jail saga continues with a new offer from billionaire Dan Gilbert that would see the Wayne County Jail and justice complex move up I-75 to East Forest, on the east side of I-75, just a block south of Warren Avenue. According to press materials from Rock Ventures: The County estimates the completion of the jail on Gratiot Avenue and modest renovations to the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice will be $300 million. Rock Ventures is prepared to build the County a new, high-tech criminal justice c...

Downtown Detroit's New Wayne County Jail To Restart Construction In 2017

“Fail Jail.” That’s the common term that’s been given to a partially constructed Wayne County Jail on Gratiot Avenue, visible every day if you come into downtown from I-75. There has been a lot of debate online on whether putting a jail on what many consider to be prime downtown Detroit real estate is a good idea. Billionaires Tom Gores (who owns the Pistons) and Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans) put together a proposal for a soccer stadium on the site, but it’s looking more and more like their shot...

Historic Train Station Site Could Be New Jail Location In One Of Detroit's Hottest Neighborhoods

If the stars align for three powerful forces in the Detroit scene, the new criminal justice complex for Wayne County might just be Michigan Central Station. There have been piecemeal rumors around town, but it’s been taken to another level as it was made public by Detroit News editor Nolan Finley on Sunday. I can’t say for sure how serious the idea is. But I heard the same thing from several people last week: Discussions are underway with the county, city of Detroit and Matty Moroun, the bil...

Wayne County Takes Steps Toward Fail Jail Being Less Fail And More Jail

The incomplete new Wayne County Jail on Gratiot Avenue took a couple steps forward today, with the goal in mind by county officials to complete the project. The Wayne County Commission, by a 15-0 vote, approved a $4 million contract with Carter Goble Associates. They will serve as the county’s owner representative on the jail project. Also by a 15-0 vote, the Wayne County Commission approved a settlement with Detroit-based AECOM and Dearborn-based Ghafari Associates LLC. The settlement inclu...

POLL: What Would You Do With The Wayne County "Fail Jail" Site?

The Wayne County Commission is coming closer to a decision on what to do with the $160 million unfinished jail on Gratiot Avenue to the east of Downtown Detroit. The two most-considered options are as follows: 1) Finish the jail at the current site for an estimated cost of $370 million, about $100 million over budget. The Wayne County Commission seems to be sending signals that will be the option they choose. 2) Scrap the current jail project, sell the land to a private developer, and use...

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