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It's Curtains For Film Incentives In Michigan

With a stroke of a pen, Governor Rick Snyder has put the last nail in the coffin on film incentives in Michigan. Signing House Bill 4122, now Public Act 117 of 2015 today, all current deals will be honored but no new incentives will be offered by the state of Michigan to bring the film industry or film production into the state. The program has been around since 2008 and has brought some big name productions to Michigan. There’s about three years left on some of the projects already in the pip...

Michigan Legislature Votes To End All Future Film Incentives, Sends Bill To Governor

Incentives used since 2008 to lure the production of movies, TV shows and video games in Michigan are perilously close to their end. Michigan currently reimburses 25 percent of studios qualified production expenses, and possibly more if they spend at permanent studios or post-production facilities within the state. The Michigan Senate voted 24-13 Thursday to prohibit the state from issuing new incentives.The House concurred in the action on a mostly party-line vote of 96-13, with Republicans i...

Michigan Could Become The Only State In The Nation Without A Film Office

Not only are film incentives that have brought movies to Michigan like Transformers, Batman, and Oz on the chopping block to go away for good, a Michigan Senate committee has recommended the entire film office be eliminated by 2017. The extreme move, if taken up by the full Michigan Senate, would make Michigan the only state in the country without a film office. In the name of road funding, Senate Republicans have zeroed-in on the Michigan Film Office which consists of six people and is a li...

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