Fisher Body Plant2

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Meet The Man Behind The Million Dollar Detroit Baseball Card Mystery

Headlines about Detroit, especially when they happen at the intersection of abandonment and large sums of money, get a lot of attention. But what is the real story behind those stacks and stacks of baseball cards, and who owned them? There had to be more behind the vague headline that appeared in the UK’s Daily Mail on August 20 which read, “Urban explorers find $1MILLION-worth of collectible sports cards inside an abandoned factory in Detroit?” Although Detroit Tigers cards from the 90s wer...

These 10 Photos Show You What The Abandoned Fisher Plant Could Be

In 2006 Dimitri Hegemann resurrected a defunct an old power plant called Mitte that once provided energy for the side of Berlin inside of East Germany. Inside of what is now called Kraftwerk Berlin, he reopened his techno club Tresor which had previously resided in a bank vault (Tresor is german for vault), and the rest of the 86,000 square foot space is used for exhibitions and events. Now, as you may have heard, Hegemann has his eyes set on the Fisher Body Plant as a potential location for a n...

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