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And So It Begins: Commercials Start Airing For Ballot Proposal To Fix Michigan's Roads

Near the end of last year we reported that there will be a ballot initiative aimed at fixing Michigan’s roads through a one cent sales tax increase (it’s a bit more complicated than that as governmental machinations usually are, but that’s the gist of it). The State legislature had no stomach for doing anything but putting road funding the hands of voters, so in the next couple of months we’re going to see a slew of ads on both sides of the debate before the vote on May 5. One thing is clear...

Michigan Sales Tax To Increase To 7% Under Proposed Road Funding Deal

The Michigan Legislature and Governor Rick Snyder have come to an agreement on the controversial road funding issue. Voters in May will be asked to approve a one cent, or 1%, sales tax increase to pay for repairs for our state’s moribund road system. The road fix plan includes swapping the sales tax on fuel for a new motor fuels tax dedicated specifically to roads with an eye toward raising as much as $1.34 billion in new funding. $1.2 billion for roads, and public transit would get $112 milli...

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