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PODCAST: The Next Chapter For Storyteller Robin Schwartz

If you’ve been around Metro Detroit, the way you probably know Robin Schwartz is through her years on the air at Fox 2 News. And she’s our guest for this episode of the Daily Detroit Happy Hour podcast. To say that Schwartz is accomplished is an understatement. She is an 8-time Emmy Award winning former TV news anchor/reporter who spent 23 years in broadcasting, including Fox 2 News in Detroit. She is also an award-winning print journalist and has served as a contributing writer for th...

Charlie LeDuff is done December 1 at Fox 2

Charlie LeDuff and Detroit are nowadays almost synonymous in the minds of many. His entertaining style of television reporting has drawn high praise, as well as a share of criticism. But as it has been said, “If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.” Now it seems LeDuff is closing a chapter. Posting earlier today on his Facebook page, he says he’s leaving Fox 2 Detroit (WJBK) December 1. [fb_pe url=”” b...

WATCH: Whoops! Local News Anchor Hopes For A "Dry Hump Day"

This clip is starting to make it around the internet, and it’s one of those times that something meant as completely innocent comes out … completely not. Fox 2 Detroit’s Amy Andrews anchor meant “dry” in reference to the weather and unfortunately pair it alongside the phrase “hump day” (a common term for Wednesday) on their morning broadcast yesterday. Poor Amy. We’ve all been there and said something like that. But it’s hilarious to watch....

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