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Your City 5 Things To Do This Weekend: It's Finally Warm Edition For May 18-20

Hey all. The good doctor fun is here to sub in for Shianne as she’s out the next couple of weeks, finding fun things for you to do this weekend around the city of Detroit. Let’s dive in and enjoy Detroit this weekend. Bike To Work Day I get it, Detroiters. You’re either down with pedal power or you’re not. Me? I am. So I’ll be rolling in on Bike to Work Day this Friday and getting my weekend started off right. Living in the city, I’m probably going to hitch up with the caravan in Highla...

PODCAST: The Potential Of Detroit's East Side With Josh Elling Of Jefferson East

[smart_track_player url=”″ social_gplus=”false” social_linkedin=”true” social_email=”true” twitter_username=”TheDailyDetroit” ] One of the most interesting stories in Detroit is that of the lower east side of the city. It’s more than 18 square miles, encompassing Lafayette Park, through Rivertown, The Villages, the Marina District and winds all the way to Jefferson Chalmers and the Grosse Pointe border. It h...

6 Amazing Murals Popped Up In Town, Check Them Out Here

The six murals for the Small Business Mural project are complete. The mural project partnered small business owners from around Detroit with an artist to create a mural together. The murals reflect the business, the artist and the community it is in. The program was sponsored by the Quicken Loans Family of Companies. Three of the artists had volunteer help completing the murals over the weekend to complete these with lightning speed. They’re all located in the city of Detroit. Cutz Lounge...

PHOTO FEATURE: Exploring Detroit’s Canals

We donned our life jackets, settled into our bobbling kayaks, and paddled out of the St. Jean boat launch into a slight chop on the Detroit River. The late summer sun warmed our backs and we stuck close to the shoreline to minimize drag as we paddled upstream toward Detroit’s East side canals. My paddling partner and GoPro photographer is Scott Joseph of Travelstache. He journeys around the world, but also loves to explore Detroit when back in town. This trip sequels our trip around Belle Isle...

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