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5 More Mouthwatering Detroit Sandwiches You Need To Try

Come lunchtime, we are always on a sandwich quest. Luckily, we’re fortunate because Detroit has a lot of great sandwich joints to choose from. It’s all about the fresh bread, high quality toppings, and a little bit of vegetables to give it some crunch. Can’t forget the pickle and better made chips on the side. Our last list of 5 sandwiches covered some of the essential stops around the city. Here’s another round of 5 mouthwatering sandwiches in no particular order that you need to find and check...

Gonella's Italian Subs in Southwest are a Detroit Tradition

Walking into Gonella’s foods feels like going back in time. This Southwest Detroit Italian market and sub shop has been around for 75 years and is still going strong. It’s tucked into an off-the-beaten-path enclave of the city, at the intersection of Oakwood and Powell near the Marathon Oil Refinery and the Ford River Rouge Complex. From the outside, Gonella’s is a modest brick Detroit-style building in the grassy urban countryside type of neighborhood you can find in so many places around the...

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