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How Would Michigan Fare In A Zombie Apocalypse?

I saw The Walking Dead for the first time since season one this Sunday. Watching in horror as a beloved character (possibly) had his intestines ripped out and ingested by a horde of decrepit zombies, I got to thinking – “If this went down in Detroit, how would I, and the rest of the population, fare in a post virus, zombie ridden world?” Luckily I wasn’t the only one seeking an answer to this morbid yet inevitable question. CareerBuilder with the help of Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (...

Holy Suds! HopCat Secures Expansion Funds

The owners of the HopCat chain of breweries, Barfly Ventures LLC, have secured $25 million in new financing from two undisclosed Texas investors through the Birmingham based investment banking firm, Cascade Partners LLC. The newly acquired funds afford the Grand Rapids-based company enough cash to double their current expansion plan, allowing for 6 new HopCat openings per year for the next 5 years, including 6 new brew pubs coming in the next year alone. HopCat, which recently opened its now...

EDITORIAL: Why Those Fantasy Detroit Transit Maps Get Us Mad (And You Should Be, Too)

Yet another fantasy Detroit transit map has come out. Following in the footsteps of other aspiring commuting enthusiasts, it has undoubtedly generated thousands of page views for the blogosphere. And it’s pretty. However, it just gets us mad. Not the design. Or the creator. Probably every single one of the creators of these maps over the years are wonderful people. They are not who we’re angry at. It’s our leadership that has for decades shared a lack of vision and the will to make anythin...

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