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New Ranking Says Detroit Is The Least Healthy City In America

When it comes to being healthy, Detroit is ranked 150 out of 150 American big cities, according to a study released today. The folks at WalletHub have put together a ranking of large cities around the nation for how healthy they are. Detroit ranks far behind San Francisco, the healthiest city in the United States, which had a total score of 68.06 out of 100 possible points. Detroit clocked in at a paltry 28.37, below Memphis, Tennessee and Brownsville, Texas. Detroit had among the lowest p...

I Hopped In A Cryotherapy Chamber Today. Here's What It Was Like.

It was an unseasonably warm fall day today. And in the name of new experiences, I willingly hopped into what would become a minus 264 degree Fahrenheit chamber. It’s called Cryotherapy. Strange as it may sound, the practice has actually been around for some time. It began in Japan in the 1970s but has gained momentum in recent years due to its popularity with professional athletes, who utilize the treatment to speed up recovery time after an injury. I visited the newly opened Cryobalance the...

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