When it comes to being healthy, Detroit is ranked 150 out of 150 American big cities, according to a study released today.

The folks at WalletHub have put together a ranking of large cities around the nation for how healthy they are. Detroit ranks far behind San Francisco, the healthiest city in the United States, which had a total score of 68.06 out of 100 possible points.

Detroit clocked in at a paltry 28.37, below Memphis, Tennessee and Brownsville, Texas.

Detroit had among the lowest percentage of physically active adults, and was below the national average (75th) in eight health category ranked (in this rankings, 1 is top, 150 is bottom):

  • 86th — Cost of Medical Visit
  • 84th — Mental-Health Counselors per Capita
  • 128th — Healthy Restaurants per Capita
  • 99th — Dietitians & Nutritionists per Capita
  • 80th — Avg. Cost of Fitness-Club Membership
  • 148th — Share of Physically Active Adults
  • 136th — Running Trails per Capita
  • 134th — Walking Trails per Capita

Even though there has been a lot of interest in green trails as of late, such as the extension Dequindre Cut, there could be a lot more when it comes to a per person basis.

In order to identify the overall healthiest cities in the U.S., WalletHub’s analysts compared 150 of the most populated cities across four key dimensions: 1) Health Care, 2) Food, 3) Fitness and 4) Green Space.

Their sample considers only the city proper in each case and excludes cities in the surrounding metro area.

The top cities were all west of the Mississippi River. In at number five was Portland, OR; then Seattle, WA; Scottsdale, AZ; Salt Lake City, UT; and topping out the list, San Francisco, Ca.

If you’re looking for a place to run in or around the city, check out this list.

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