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Meet The Man Who Shaped The Detroit River

We all want to leave our mark in this world. For some, it’s through academic pursuits. For others, it’s through art or good deeds. For William Livingstone, it was the creation of a critical channel in the Detroit River that would help speed shipping along the Great Lakes. William Livingstone was born in Dundas, Ontario on January 21, 1844. When he was five years old, his family moved to Detroit. In 1865, Livingstone opened his own business with help from his father. Livingstone & Company sta...

9 DIY Detroit-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great chance to dress up and pretend be someone (or something) you’re not. Unfortunately, it can be hard to come up with the perfect costume idea, especially if you want to be unique. This is your chance to step away from the mass-produced vampire, clown, and superhero costumes. Check out these nine Detroit-inspired Halloween costumes and put your creative genius to the test. 1. Harry Houdini If you want a costume with more morbid roots, try your hand as Harry Houdini. T...

The Highlight Reel: 11 Important Dates In Detroit History

Detroit’s storied past is full of unique events that shaped the way it is today. From its founding in 1701 to its exit from bankruptcy, Detroit has seen much over its three centuries of existence. It’s been the capital of a territory and forged a new mode of transportation. Check out these and more highlights from Detroit’s past. 1) July 24, 1701 Antoine Laumet de la mothe Cadillac and his expedition established the settlement that would grow to become Detroit on July 24, 1701. Cadillac...

Henry Ford QuickCare Brings "Healthcare Boutique" Urgent Care Clinic To Downtown Detroit

People used to say (in the good old days of Detroit 1.0) that the city was a food desert – you couldn’t buy groceries easily or residents didn’t have access to “chain” grocers. You also could say the same of the city’s urgent-care options. Yes, there are great hospitals with emergency rooms, terrific staff and lots of services. But what about when you have a simple ear infection, a busy schedule and don’t want to clog up a downtown ER? There are few if any walk-in clinics in downtown or even n...

What Roles Did Thomas Edison & Henry Ford Have In The Sanders Chocolate Company?

Happy 140th Birthday to my favorite chocolate company, Sanders.  It was on this date in 1875 that Fred Sanders opened his first candy shop that later went on to sell ice cream and other treats.  A Detroit-based business, Sanders was one of the first companies to use electric motors which were used to run the candy machines.  These motors were built by the Edison Illuminating Company. The new technology proved to be troublesome for Fred Sanders who grew frustrated after the motors broke down....

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