Joe Louis Greenway2

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Looking for Maurice (salad) // Joe Louis Greenway trailhead opens // Luxury hotel

Devon O’Reilly joins us for Friday, and we start with the hunt for a good Maurice salad. If you don’t know, the Maurice was the signature salad of Hudson’s from back in the day. Do you know where to find one? 02:20 – The hunt for the Maurice Salad 06:20 – An excursion west to Coldwater to ride a hertiage train, the Little River Railroad 09:57 – The new trailhead of the Joe Louis Greenway opened this week, on Warren at the Detroit/Dearborn border. Jer went and we discussed the possibl...

Strikes continue // Inflatable dome // Listener feedback

Norris Howard joins in. * The UAW strike now has ran longer than the 2019 walk-out. How far will it go? If you’re on the line, how are you feeling? If this keeps going, how might things be impacted long term in Metro Detroit? * Plus, Detroit is getting a new indoor recreation area on the east side – under a dome.  * And your listener feedback, from libraries to the riverfront to the Joe Louis Greenway. Feedback as always – dailydetroit – at – gmail – dot – com or 313-789-3211 Follow...

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