MichAuto Summit2

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Metro Detroit's time to act is now

In so many ways, the time is now for Metro Detroit and Michigan to act to compete and reach our full potential. Today's episode has a ton of topics, but they all do kind of go together. Where we've been: 01:48 - Devon went to the LinkedIn offices in a historic pair of Detroit buildings. 06:30 - Jer was at the MichAuto Summit, and shares some takeaways especially from Duo Security founder Dug Song who had some stunning statistics to pay attention to and act on for the future. Ohio and Ontario...

Previewing the 2022 MichAuto Summit (ft. Glenn Stevens)

How do we grow, keep, and retain tech talent in Michigan? That's the focus of the 2022 MichAuto summit. Glenn Stevens, Executive Director of MichAuto, joins me to preview the event on December 8. Then, I send you out the door with some stories to know around town. Summit signup: https://michauto.org/michauto-summit/mas-2022/ Feedback: https://forms.gle/MnwUf8uJEtpyG9m2A or dailydetroit -at- gmail -dot- com...

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