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Michigan's Schools Are In Deep Trouble But There Is Hope To Fix Them With Ron French, Bridge Magazine

Michigan’s schools are in trouble. Although many parents believe their school and their teacher are fine, compared to the rest of the nation the state ranks very poorly. It wasn’t always this way. Over the years, other states like Tennessee and Florida have surpassed Michigan. Fighting between factions has locked progress in Michigan’s schools in place. The status quo – for instance, Michigan is one of only five states in which reading skills declined between 2003 and 2015 – isn’t going t...

How Changes To Michigan’s Ranking System Hurt Schools Like Cass Tech, Help DeVos Family Charter School

Some of Detroit’s most celebrated selective schools saw their standings plunge on the state’s most recent school rankings. Renaissance High School was one of the highest ranked schools on Michigan’s 2014 Top to Bottom schools list, scoring in the 98th percentile, better than 98 percent of state schools. But when the state in January released its latest ranking, based on 2016 test scores, the school had dropped to the 48th percentile, putting it slightly below the state average. Cass Technica...

Anxious Michigan schools must wait until next year to learn their fate

Michigan schools waiting anxiously for word on whether they’ll be shut down next year will have to wait a little longer. State officials initially planned to release their annual state rankings, which will be used to decide which schools will be forced to close, by the end of this month. Now, they’re saying the rankings — and any closure decisions — won’t come until at least January. The delay means that schools at risk of closure won’t be getting bad news before the winter vacation. But it...

More Than 100 Michigan Schools To Be Closed Based On Test Scores They Were Told Wouldn’t Count

More than 100 low-scoring Michigan schools — including dozens in Detroit — will start classes next month likely doomed to close in June. In a move that is bound to shock parents and educators across the state, the School Reform Office is moving ahead with an aggressive plan to close every school in the state that posted rock-bottom test scores for the last three years — even though Michigan’s education department promised schools that last year’s test scores wouldn’t be held against them. Cl...

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