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Ford & UAW-Ford Contribute $6 Million In Funding For New Motown Museum Theater

Recently we brought you word of the expansion plans of the Motown Museum – but, as with all plans, money needs to be raised. Ford Motor Company & UAW-Ford have committed $6 million for the expansion of the museum celebrating one of Detroit’s largest cultural contributions to the world. As you probably know, the museum is the location of the famous Hitsville U.S.A. house and Studio A, where Motown Records made a lot of their magic. The expansion will include: * Ford Motor Company Theater,...

14 Awesome Detroit Tours You'll Love

Warm weather and sunshine is finally here. Take advantage of the lovely days ahead by planning a tour of Detroit. There’s a tour for everyone, from history buffs to natives who think they know everything there is to know about Detroit. Grab some friends, make some plans, and prepared to be impressed by the incredible stories of the past and present that make Detroit the amazing city and region it is. City Tour Detroit Ready to dive into Detroit’s storied (and sometimes ghastly) past? C...

The Highlight Reel: 11 Important Dates In Detroit History

Detroit’s storied past is full of unique events that shaped the way it is today. From its founding in 1701 to its exit from bankruptcy, Detroit has seen much over its three centuries of existence. It’s been the capital of a territory and forged a new mode of transportation. Check out these and more highlights from Detroit’s past. 1) July 24, 1701 Antoine Laumet de la mothe Cadillac and his expedition established the settlement that would grow to become Detroit on July 24, 1701. Cadillac...

10 Tours In Metro Detroit You'll Love

While we’re big fans of what to some may seem crazy adventures (such as kayaking in Detroit’s canals.. or spending time in the outdoors of Alaska or hung out of a helicopter) it’s always worthwhile to catch a local tour or two. You can learn from the best storytellers, historians and local Detroiters while exploring the city in a new way. There’s always more to learn about Detroit. With the tours below, they give you the scoop and a larger piece of Detroit’s story we can’t always cover. Check...

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