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Meetups: Your Networking 5 For The Week Of March 7-13

It’s time again for your weekly Networking 5. I hope your Thursday night is free, because there are plenty of great options for you to choose from. Drinks x Design: Branding The folks over at Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) are back with another installment of Drinks x Design. This month the focus will be on branding. There will be designers from Who’s That, RL Concetti, Blended Collective, Trichomatic Studio, Design Source Media, Three Lyons Creative, Langdon Media Group. Ther...

Your Networking 5 For The Week Of February 6-12

Happy Monday everyone! This week looks like it will be a great one for networking, pitch competitions and panels. Go out there and have a great week. Retail Boot Camp 2018 Info Session Missed the last Retail Boot Camp Info Sessions? You’re in luck because there is another one this week. This program aims to help retail entrepreneurs by providing training, access to start-up capital, affordable space and ongoing business support. Find out more information here. When: Tuesday, Febru...

Your New Weekly Metro Detroit Networking 5 For The Week Of October 17-23

Welcome to our newest round up of events around Metro Detroit. This new round up will focus on networking events that happen around the region. Our goal for this new weekly segment is to get you out to meet new people who might work in your field. Or maybe there will be a cool networking event that sounds interesting to you and you’ll check it out. Much like our other lists like our City 5 we are always looking for great events. So if you know of one don’t be shy and drop us a line. Let’s ge...

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