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Michigan Town Named One Of "Best Places To Live" In The U.S.

If you live in and love Michigan, you know one of our best assets is the water. On a recent trip to this town, it was easy to fall in love with the mix of small town feel, historic architecture, and beach access. It was also near parade time, so the town was gearing up for what is clearly a fun event. So it doesn’t come as a surprise – even though we’re biased toward Detroit – that Ludington, Michigan made Outside Magazine’s list of 16 Best Places to live in the United States. The honor wa...

Let's Kayak Around Belle Isle (With Photos)

Is “Detroit, Land Of The Great Outdoors” a slogan that rings true in your heart? If it doesn’t, it should. It’s more than possible to be active and enjoy being outside in the city. I have biked around the city, zipped down the Dequindre Cut on a Segway, and enjoyed a sunset cruise around the the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. I’ve taken walks around Belle Isle and been rollerblading (that’s right) on the Riverwalk. But I must admit, kayaking around Belle Isle was a new one for me. It was...

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