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There’s a new playground coming for emerging artists to get together in Detroit

It’s sad but true. Detroit lacks a major infrastructure for the arts. Sure, there are established institutions such as the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Artists Market and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit: MOCAD. They are great, but some of the city’s emerging artists, designers and musicians wonder where they can come together for support, promotion and simply camaraderie? Many of them are young – in the 20s and 30s – and want to make a splash in Detroit, and they want Detroit...

The Grass Station To Give Back With Party And School Supply Drive This Weekend

When medical marijuana became legal in the state of Michigan in 2008, it was received with mixed reviews. One point of contention that remains is the question of what impact dispensaries – the distributors of medical marijuana – might have on the communities in which they exist. The Grass Station opened its doors in June and will host a Labor Day block party at their location at 2930 East Grand Boulevard to show that dispensaries can be a positive asset to a community. With the help of Pla...

The Future Of Detroit Tourism To Be Discussed At Shinola Store In New York

Playground Detroit, an organization that advocates and helps build bridges between the Detroit and New York artistic communities, is holding in partnership with [wherever] magazine an event at the Shinola store in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City on Wednesday night to discuss Detroit tourism. Key discussion items at the event, which will be live streamed and so viewable in Detroit, are: * To discuss the overall prospects of tourism in Detroit * To further the discussion surroundin...

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