Playground Detroit, an organization that advocates and helps build bridges between the Detroit and New York artistic communities, is holding in partnership with [wherever] magazine an event at the Shinola store in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City on Wednesday night to discuss Detroit tourism.

Key discussion items at the event, which will be live streamed and so viewable in Detroit, are:

  • To discuss the overall prospects of tourism in Detroit
  • To further the discussion surrounding the implications of tourism on the city and its residents
  • To discuss ideas on how to change the perspectives of both insiders and outsiders to Detroit on travel and tourism.
  • To remind the audience that Detroit is a lived city – not only a mismanaged manufacturing legacy but a complex metropolis full of stories and people coming together to create art, technology, and life.

Panelists include:

Claudie Mabry, Urban Policy expert
Paulina Petkoski, Playground Detroit
Bradley Sherman, Born & Raised Detroit Foundation
Ali Rose, Fashion Designer
The moderator is Mary von Aue – [wherever] writer of “Let’s talk about Detroit”

What is Playground Detroit? They’ve been around for awhile, and are an organization that bills itself as “a creative platform that connects emerging artists who represent Detroit and New York City’s talent in visual arts and music with exposure and collaboration opportunity.”

As to [wherever] magazine…

“We’re looking for writing that tells the reader about a place, not a ‘destination’ and are interested in all aspects of travel from anxieties to life-changing moments. The idea was to reflect the realities of travel outside the usual tropes and categories of ‘tourist’ or ‘business traveler’ and try to think of travel causes as more of a spectrum than a checkbox.” – Rawan Hadid, founder of [wherever] magazine

The event is this Wednesday, January 21 from 7:30-8:30 p.m. If you’re in Detroit you can watch the event here on the Livestream, and for our New York City readers (of which we know we have thousands) you can check it out at the Shinola TriBeCa Store, 177 Franklin Street in New York.

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