Race In Detroit2

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See 10 Years Of Changes In Metro Detroit's Racial Geography Right Before Your Eyes

We at Daily Detroit love telling stories with visuals. It’s said a picture can tell the story of a thousand words, and we think the maps above as an animation and below, as something you can play with for yourself, from the Center for Urban Research CUNY Graduate Research Center, tells many stories. You have probably seen the map of our racial divide in 2010 with all of the color dots, showing the outline of Detroit. But although a compelling visual, it’s static, and so only tells a limited...

Flashpoint Highlights Discussion On The New Detroit

A big discussion online in Detroit right now is highlighted in this segment (we’ve embedded the episode below and you can watch it here) from Flashpoint on WDIV-TV4.  They invited two bloggers on the show who have opposing viewpoints on perception Detroit’s recent economic developments. Both guests wrote blog posts which have received a lot of attention on the internet. First up is Kelly Guillory, a local artist. She critiques the New Detroit by calling out its perpetrators as living a “danger...

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