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New Maps Show 20 Years Of Racial Change In Metro Detroit In Sharp Detail

One of the things that the racial makeup of the Detroit region has done consistently over the last couple decades is change. Block by block, Metro Detroit as a whole has seen tremendous change in the time from 1990-2010. But what does that actually look like? Previous maps that relied on census data only let us get down to 3 kilometer chunks, or a little more than a square mile. However, new maps by a University of Cincinnati geography professor are the most detailed map of racial diversity...

Pretending It’s All Good In Detroit

The racial divide in Detroit is a big topic of conversation lately. Whether it’s gentrification of downtown and midtown, access to water, diversity in the workplace, new vs. old Detroit, or incidents like the beating of Steven Utash, the conversation has cropped up in a lot of different ways as Detroit tries to rebound economically. But what does the situation look like on the ground? That’s something we’re very interested in as a publication. At about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday we got word that...

Mackinac 2015 Kicking Off: Roads, Race, Talent, Transit, and D-Insurance, Oh My

Good morning from the Blogger Zone at the Grand Hotel. When it comes to the Mackinac Policy Conference, we’re going to focus on a few key areas. Although there are three official pillars of the conference – Talent, Urban Revitalization and Cohesion – we’re looking for stories that are a little more focused. Here are the five things we’re looking to cover – but over the next few days, almost anything can happen. Roads It’s the predominant conversation up here that’s not on the agenda. Ju...

Tasteless Tweet: No, Not "Everyone Enjoys A Good Race Riot"

Race in Detroit is a very touchy topic. After all, we’ve had a series of events over the history of our city and region where race has become a flashpoint, and lives and property were destroyed. That’s why when a tipster sent us this tweet, we were kind of appalled. @SocialInDetroit is one of Detroit’s larger Twitter accounts with nearly 22,500 followers, and although we kind of feel their feed is more noise than signal, this stuck out. The eyes of the world are on #Ferguson … everyone enjoy...

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