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Your Detroit Reading List For March 22, 2015

Here are 5 stories you don’t want to miss about Detroit. How Detroit Became a Maker Hotspot (Yahoo) Yahoo highlights a few of those that are part of the maker movement here in Detroit. Here’s a quote from the owners of Douglas & Co. (who we profiled earlier here). “Many people abandoned this city and ripped the ground out from under it. Those who remained are passion-driven people–artists, creators, and crafters who use their pleasures as a vehicle for business. There is such strength beh...

Your Sunday Detroit Reading List For March 8, 2015

First off, thanks! The response to our editorial survey that has been running the last few days has been excellent and very useful. We intentionally kept it anonymous we could get honest and constructive feedback, and you delivered with so many responses it’s taking a little time for us to go through it all. We’re going to implement many of the suggestions that we can very quickly as we want to be responsive to our community. We’re also very touched by the very kind comments you all left. It onl...

Your Sunday Detroit Reading List For The Week Of Oct. 12

Detroit is a work in progress. And, as a major city, it always will be. See, we get this idea that other cities are “done” or “figured it out,” and the reality is maybe they’ve figured it out more than we have, but they haven’t figured it all out. Chicago is dealing with a crime wave. New York in areas has immense rent problems (for instance, we interviewed someone yesterday from New York whose rent was raised from $800 a month to $4000 a month overnight. How about them apples?) and now has mo...

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