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Three Dogs That Were Just Right From Detroit Dog Company

Tucked just off of Main Street in downtown Royal Oak is the Detroit Dog Company. An attractive storefront that you’d easily find in any other big city, Detroit Dog Company seems to be well-geared for the late night nosh crowd. Instead of having some dogs after drinking, I decided to break tradition and do it beforehand. And it was a wise choice, because not only are the dogs filling but they’re tasty and I would have missed that a few bourbons in. Let’s walk through them. First up – the Slim...

Stopping In For Lunch At Stache International

Sometimes the craving for a sandwich hits hard, and the average chain restaurant just won’t cut it. Today was one of those days, so we decided to head over to Eastern Market and go to Stache International. Stache International opened earlier this year after some pretty rigorous renovations to the space. There was no plumbing, very little electrical outlets, and lets not forget no kitchen before renovations began. The menu consists of numerous sandwiches, house made sausages, salads, and...

FIRST LOOK: Bobcat Bonnie's Is Real Good In The Neighborhood

Bobcat Bonnie’s is one of the latest additions to Detroit’s expanding dining scene. Located in the old site of Oblivion’s Corktown Cafe, Bonnie’s has a great corner location, a spacious atmosphere, a nice bar set up, and just a touch of hip décor for the kids. There is some mellow indie-rock playing in the background but you don’t need skinny jeans and a sidebuzz to eat here. It’s a place for everybody, the food is real and good. It’s also decently priced, catering more toward families and the...

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