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LISTEN: How Mama Shu Is Saving One Of America's Most Blighted Blocks

What do you do when a neighborhood… and your city… crumble? Leave? Throw your hands up? Not Mama Shu. She’s taken tragedy — the death of her son by a hit and run driver, Jakobi Ra — and turned that energy into Avalon Village. Avalon Village is a magical corner of Highland Park where Mama Shu and a group of people who love their city have made a safe place. A homework house. A place for entrepreneurs. A place for living… and soon a place for playing. For the newest Daily Detroit Happy Ho...

"Rehabbed And Ready" Program Aims To Help Stabilize Four Detroit Neighborhoods

Mayor Mike Duggan joined representatives from Quicken Loans, Home Depot and members of the community to announce the “Rehabbed and Ready” program Wednesday. The collaborative public-private campaign will renovate homes, increase occupancy and bring pricing stability to four of Detroit’s neighborhoods: Bagley, Crary/St. Mary’s, College Park, and Evergreen/Outer Drive. The areas were selected because they featured well-maintained homes, but needed a helping hand to increase home price stabilit...

5 Reasons Detroit Is Not The New Brooklyn

It’s fun to say things like “Detroit is the New Brooklyn,” or Berlin, or Los Angeles or Pittsburgh or even Cleveland. It’s true that many of these places have transformed in a way similar to the way some would like to see Detroit transform. However, it’s fairly uncritical to assume that Detroit is “just like” Brooklyn was in the 90’s, or just like Berlin was in the 80’s. It’s like comparing an apple to a potato. I do believe Detroit will transform, but also believe that Detroit is Detroit. The...

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