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Who Needs Billionaires? Investing Locally Pays Off For Soccer Team Supporters

Sports teams are normally controlled by billionaires and although loved by fans, often fans don’t have a part of the action beyond the jersey they bought to wear to the game. But in the Detroit area, we’re doing it different. Nearly 500 investors have crowdfunded a soccer team – and are already getting paid a dividend on their money. For many, this might seem as an unconventional way to fund a business or a project – to get investors through the internet, sometimes large, sometimes small – a...

Detroit's Original Stix Lets You Have A Piece Of The Game As Your Phone Case

An innovative idea for phone cases is wooing hockey fans everywhere, and the business behind it is based right here in Detroit. Original Stix sells phone cases that you won’t find anywhere else. The company creates durable phone cases that you can customize with your favorite hockey sticks. That’s right – hockey sticks. Original Stix uses hockey sticks from college and professional games that get broken during the action. Instead of being sent to landfills, these sticks are delivered to Origin...

Detroit Ranks 2nd In Nation For Sports Travel

If you spend any time in Metro Detroit, you know we love our sports. It seems that everything involving sports seems to catch on here – from the well-known like Hockey and Baseball to the oddballs like Fowling and Feather Bowling. If we can compete at it, Detroiters either do it or watch it. That’s starting to show on the travel scene. analyzed the 25 most popular sports cities based on total tickets purchased in 2014 according to leading ticket search engine SeatGeek. Using a weigh...

Survey Says: Detroit Is The Best Sports Town In America

If you live here for even a short length of time, the sea of Tigers jerseys and Red Wing uniforms becomes pretty apparent not just outside of the ballparks but in bars, at movie theaters, grocery stores and everywhere else across the region. We even wear our Detroit Lions gear with pride, even though they haven’t had a championship since 1957 and have never appeared in a Super Bowl. And the Pistons? We still have memories of their glory days. As USA Today puts it.. With its plethora of pro t...

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